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  • Sideshow Goshko will be on summer hiatus for the month of August. So, enjoy some sunshine and downtime and we'll see you back at the KGB Bar on Thursday, September 28th, 7pm with an all-new lineup!


  • Check out the latest video from the Loser's Lounge Tribute to Fleetwood Mac! Recorded live at Joe's Pub in NYC.
The Loser's Lounge Tribute to Fleetwood Mac featuring Leslie Goshko singing "Big Love."
  • I'm so honored to be featured on Catie Lazarus' "Employee of the Month" podcast! Catie was the first to interview Jon Stewart after he announced his retirement from the Daily Show and she has also interviewed the likes of Lin-Manuel Miranda, PattiLuPone, Rachel Maddow, Jon Hamm, Zadie Smith, Maya Rudolph and so many more! Be sure to give it a listen HERE and if you're in NYC, check out the live shows at Joe's Pub!